Nano P2PoW

A P2P delegated Proof of Work protocol for Nano cryptocurrency.

Trustless, serveless, open-source

The future of Nano ecosystem

In order to make Nano universally instantaneous by enabling the integration of low-processing and memory devices without the need for central servers, we introduce a Peer-to-Peer Delegated Proof of Work mechanism. Which rewards workers interested in providing computing resources to network users in exchange for a small fee. Using Nano's DAG technology, it was possible to created a safe mechanism where neither party can be dishonest. This eliminates any need for central coordinator.

P2PoW is the rebranding of Delegated PoW, created in October 2019, by me, Anarkrypto, and winner of NanoJam - first hackaton focused on Nano cryptocurrency.

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Code and Resources



With this API made in python you can sell Proof of Work to other Nano users. The entire process is automated and you can choose your own fee


P2PoW Web Demo


This application is completely client-side and runs directly in the browser.
It offers a friendly interface allowing any user to test the P2PoW protocol.
The communication process with workers is done by the P2PoW client JS


P2PoW JS Client


This client offers the best way to communicate with workers running the P2PoW API. Compatible with node.js and major browsers


Unnoficial Implementations

myNanoPHP: library to integrate Nano to PHP

myNanoPHP is a PHP Nano Library optimized in size and speed, binding the C library MyNanoEmbedded for PHP.

myNanoEmbedded: lightweight C library

myNanoEmbedded is a lightweight C library that integrates Nano Cryptocurrency to low complexity computational devices, with fast transactions and small fees by delegating the Proof of Work with P2PoW.
Support: BIP39, P2PoW, TRNG or PRNG entropy
ARM-A, ARM-M, Thumb, Xtensa-LX6 and IA64 compatible
Linux desktop, Raspberry PI, ESP32 and Olimex A20 tested platforms


Nano-electron is a cross-platform for Nano cryptocurrency Wallet.

Focused on lightness, agility and portability, this wallet uses the myNanoEmbedded C Library through a binding to provide greater performance.